I don’t care at times. I’m simply fed up with life. Going to work, being responsible and taking care of everything are not activities I really care to do any more. I’m going to find a way to re-intent my life which means I will sacrifice a lot of what I have right now. So what. Does not matter as what I have does not make me happy.


What is wrong in Honduras? The government is overthrowing because of a constuational issue? I would have expected the congress to simply say “no, we do not approve of your amendment, go away” but now. Now the Congressional Leader is running the country. How musses up is that. It’s akin to Nancy Pelosi saying “No, I don’t like that Bill and pushing Barack out of office” It’s a messed up world.

Do you give so much attention to the world.. Specifically the death of Michael Jackson. The man is going, the world will move forward but you don’t need to has this crap in the new – Janet is extremal unhappy with his death.

Life cannot be serious all the time. Let me start this blog by giving you humor I’ve found in the last week.

Nature doesn’t always get it right.

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CAPTCHA gone wrong #2

It will blow you away

What not to answer when someone asks you where you were when Michael Jackson died